This is the story of the build of my HomeMade CNC, it's not based on any existing design, it's mostly a Frankenstein design, grabbing idea from other people build using an Arduino and a PC for controls, Nema 23 stepper motors, a bosch router  (could switch to a dewalt one if i found this one too small). Everything is documented so you can copy me.

Part Gathering


Electric + Electronic

Stepper Motor Controller 10,68 CAD$ x 4

Power Supply 24V 16A 39.88 CAD$

PS : ordered 6 Controller to have 2 as spare, the packaging was crappy, and 2 of them were damaged (i can repair them) and you can see the power supply did get bent, only cosmetic. part are good but this vendor is crap)

24V To 5V Regulator for Arduino (Bonus with Display) 8.66 CAD$

Stepper Motors Nema 23 4 of them 80 US $ + 55 US$ Shipping (heavy ! :/) 0.5KG each +24 CAD$ Custom Taxes

Arduino already in 0$ 

Drag Chain 2x1m 29.98 US$ x 2


2 Channel 5V 10A Relay module, to control the router and something else (Light, Vacuum) with arduino 11,80 CAD$ (Shipping was 6,24 lol) 



Power cable for the motors 22$

Connector for the motors 7$

Fan for the electric box  15$

Power distribution metal bar 4$


1m square frame.

2 x 20x80 Aluminum linear rail 28,46 USD ea 

3 x 20x60 Aluminum linear rail 21,99 USD ea

24 x 90 degree square bracket 2,33 USD ea 

Total Frame : 128,86 USD.


Z Axis

Linear Actuator bundle (25mm) 135,78 USD

Routeur Mount 38,75 USD

2 x Gantry Plate 15,53 USD ea

Nema 23 Motor Mount plate 10,29 USD

Space block for routeur clearance. 5,81 USD

5 x Wheel 8,73 USD ea

2 x 6mm Spacer 0,26 USD ea

3 x 6mm Eccentric Spacer 2,59 USD ea

GT3 Pulley 8,41 USD

4 x foot GT3 Timing belt 4,20 USD ea

2 x Drop in TNuts for the belt 0,97 ea

5 x 35 mm M5 screw for the wheels 0,26 USD ea

+ other random M5 screws of different length

Total Z Axis : 302,14 USD


X Axis



"Electric Panel"

Making a box in MDF

After some holes for fans and switches, First coat of paint in my professional paint booth

End of box try 1, did get a lot of problem with my plexiglass door, broke it 2 times during drilling and mounting, Started a new one with a totally different approach for the plexiglass to avoid the same error, my first time with plexi, will show pix of the much better Box #2 when i will be at the same point of the previous failed one.


The CNC itself, Mechanical part.

Wheels ! lot of Wheels, .... to assemble

Done, pfiiuuuu

After a few moment my first test fit of my first X axis gantry to see if i bought the wrong part or not... apparently my plan works

The plate was done for smaller motors so the plate is hitting the screw behind, used spacer to make the test mount, will drill to let the space for the wheel screws and make the two plate flush, so more stable.

As soon as i will be able to use it, pretty sure i will make a custom plate out of aluminium to make it better, prepare your paypal to order those ;p


Let's build the Z axis, should be straight forward

Let's play legos !

Some time later...

Ok, few remark after doing this, First i have to mount my collar a little lower, to get more workspace height. Find out the the height of the z axis doesn't have so much impact, glad i used this size and not a heighter one, that would not gave me more workspace.

One obvious mistake in my plan  

I'm too close to my gantry, the bosh hit the down plate, and the up plate. need to buy and put a spacer, and i don't have to correct screw to fix my collar. Beside that all work well.

As i have to buy so few small part, lets test fit the rest of my plan,


Ok, my Z axis fit well on my Y axis, but, my screws are to small to be able to put my plate on the back, need screws and spacer.

The 20x60 for my Y axis feel a little small, even if it doesn't move, i will switch to a 20x80.

The Y axis fixation to the X axis, totally forgot to buy corners to attach it, and as i'm switching from a 20x60 to a 20x80, i will need more. Beside that. everything is working according to plan.


Building the frame.

After hours of making it square i finally manage to screw all those small screws.

Test fitting with a piece of mdf lying around, height of the mdf is almost 1/3 of my desired final bed.

Now i need to fabricate a support/table for the CNC, with some place to store the tools 


Update on my Z Axis, i'm stupid... revert the orientation, instead of moving the router, the whole things move, allowing me to put the router on the aluminium extrusion without touching anything, plus it will allow me to swap tools easily.


So i finish cutting almost everything to length and did a complete assembly to find if everything is ok. Seem so, i will have to do a lot of tweaking to make everything straight. next step is to make my mdf board and the whole support for the cnc, my temporary solution is not straight, and move like crazy. I can't make the rest straight if my base and my frame is not straight, 

Used 2020 to do my test fit, but they are not strong enough. Did cut my 2060 after, a little longer than needed because i need to figure out the "right height" after fabricating my Y axis plate, but i can't do that until the cnc can cut something,

The wood base aka Ikea is for dummies

Custom feets to be able to raise to level the cnc on my garage floor.

Lots of parts to assemble, still didn't cut the parts for the drawer, will do it when assembly is finish, to be sure of the measurement, 

Assembled, sanded, and yes i also did cut my waste board, 2 MDF, that will be glue together, then fixed underneath. Need to fabricate my drawer now, but the week end (fun) is over. 

Glue the waste board, you never have enough clamp, folks you know what to offer me for christmas 

All glued, made some groove for the T Track (one is not straight, my crappy clamp moved when i was cutting the groove with my router, again think christmas but quality not quantity)


Received my bits, Plastic, Wood, Aluminium, Carve. Yeah i know my VCarve bit doesn't fit my bosch stupid me.